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Absolute value: CHEERS K926 first-class fabric sofa electric sofa single seat 998.9 yuan free shipping (use coupon)

Electric button, 160 degree opening and closing ~ Chivas is a well-known soft furniture brand under Minhua Holdings, which has successively launched sofa series such as aristocratic, fashion, urban, single chair, and Chivas 5-star mattress series. It has more than 3,000 sales terminals worldwide, and its products are sold in more than 80 countries and regions, […]

ROG White Control Luxury Villa: ASUS released ROG Strix Helios "Sun God" white special edition chassis

There are more and more small friends who like white, and all are actively catering to them. Among them, ASUS (ASUS) In the past year, a large number of white-themed boards, headset peripherals, etc. have been launched. Today, ASUS official update brings ROG Strix Helios White Edition "Sun God" white special edition, excellent workmanship materials, brushed […]

40 million RYYB high-sensitivity: Honor X10 proofs exposed, or up to 2-3 thousand price point

2020-05-15 11:47:37 6 likes 8 Favorites 46 comments This article is authorized by Kuai Technology. Original title: flagship 40 million RYYB high-sensitivity glory X10 real shot proofs exposure: or up to 2-3 thousand price points, the content of the article only represents the author's point of view, has nothing to do with this standing field, please ask without […]

M1 mini projector iteration, flagship portable, priced at 1599 yuan, ViewSonic M1 mini PLUS projector released

2020-05-15 15:01:15 2 likes 0 Favorites 1 commentDirect link ViewSonicNew products have been released again, following ViewSonic M1, ViewSonic M1 +, ViewSonic M1 mini, ViewSonic updated a M1 mini, the new projection features 1080P ultra high definition, built-in JBL audio , built-in battery, supports Bluetooth output, and looks similar to ViewSonic M1 mini is not much different. The ViewSonic M1 […]

Wang Yibo first appeared on the cover of the magazine, and the veil shape highlighted the cold temperament.

May 15th morning, the famous fashion Magazine "Jia Ren Marie Claire announces the cover of the 6 monthly issue in micro-blog, the famous artist Wang Yibo, with the theme of "seeing the future" and releasing two cover posters. Wang Yibo in the posterDior Autumn and winter coat, the overall shape is very expressive. Among them, the veil shape is […]

The glory of the super wide angle natural wind fan

Public survey details Application List Commodity introduction #0 yuan trial Wei [light crowd] honor the super wide angle natural fan *10. Glorified super wide angle natural wind fan brings you a new experience of gentle breeze, refreshing hair from head to toe, assembling and twisting, assembling in real three steps, and easy to start with the fairies. The […]

Jingdong's new infrastructure can be described as Wang fried

Under the impact of the epidemic, a new upsurge of "new infrastructure" (new infrastructure construction) was launched in the whole country. First, experts and scholars suggested that after that, the capital market was highly praised. Nowadays, if you haven't heard about the new infrastructure, you'll be embarrassed to say hello to your friends. However, as […]

2020. 5.5 big promotion is worth buying Top15

Some time ago, in order to prevent epidemics, many district couriers could not send up the stairs, so many people around me lost the enthusiasm of online shopping. Recently, the situation in China has become more and more stable, and life has basically returned to normal, and it can be bought and bought happily. These […]

How can Tmall Jingdong members get back to their books? What to buy to save money? High level play and chicken clause tell you all

Tmall recently launched the "88VIP" annual fee member and packaged 4 other platform members. Prior to that, Jingdong also launched its own PLUS membership service and packaged Iqiyi members worth 198 yuan. Every time I hear this kind of activity, I feel dizzy and confused. Haven't you heard of these two members? It doesn't matter. […]

[reminder] Tmall and Jingdong are on sale! Don't buy these foods. 202004

batches of food disqualification notice. Some unqualified products are on sale in Tmall and Jingdong. We must pay attention to them. Recently, the State Food and drug administration has sampled 1352 batches of 10 kinds of food, including starch and starch products, potato and puffed foods, aquatic products and fruit products. 1336 batches of qualified samples […]